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new year ! 2011 !!
Friday, December 31, 2010 | 3:30 AM | 0 Stalker(s)
ta sngke .. bgitu kjp mse brlalu .. tawu2 je da na msuk 2011 .. so,, nextyear aq da msuk fom 4 ..from this form,, aq kne study hard and struggle foe spm ! nih utk taon dpn- azam aq ,, : *tgk2 ,, haha

  • na ubah prngai ,, jd anak solehah ... huhu
  • no more hang out if ta penting..
  • study hard foe spm..
  • smile always n never run fom mslh..
  • try to solve the problem dgn aty yg tenang n ta panik ..
  • hope taon dpn lebey bhgia dgn family ,, dgn si die ,,..
*makbulkan la.. semoga azam2 ni akan tercapai ! hoho

btw ,, before kite masuk taon bru ni kan ,, memory in 2010 .. so many ! aq ta kn lupekn.. especially wif my fwen,, bf also family. .. love u all so much guys ! foe u all guys .. my bff and our geng (HHC) aq hrp kite akn slalo brsame ta kire suka an duka,, try to be the best from the best .. n yg paling aq hrp cgt2 agar persahabatan kite akn kekal buat selamenye biarpon ajal memisahkn kite .. 

to 'he' .. owg na kc tawu yg owg syg  kt dye .. never forget you even u penah wat owg nges or cket aty ke ,, owg ttp syg kt dye.. semoga Allah merahmati hubungan kite n akn teros berkekalan.. amin .. hehe .. 

to mak n ayah .. im so sory coz wat mak n ayh kecewa cbb result pmr kureng memuaskn .. walaupon ayh cdri ckp yg ayh ta kesah lngsong pon ,,lbey pntingkn spm dan ilmu agama,, dayah tawu mak ayh agk kecewa kn .. from now.. dayah berazam akn berubh .. InsyaAllah .. 

for 2010 !
in memory 2010,, 

nurfateha bt hairul 
leaving us to move on MGS 

maisarah bt ibrahim @ rahim
leaving us too to move on RZ school

 kami kawan selamanya !
ika, fany, raja. aq, tini 

p/s :  korg la bff yg trbaik ! the best from the best !  :)