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trluke kmbali :(
Saturday, February 19, 2011 | 12:28 AM | 0 Stalker(s)
haih .. bwu na hepy kjp,, ade lak msuk prob bwu ,, eey,, geram aq cmpi thp sengal babun .. aq bnci .. siyes aq syg kt dye, tawu ta.. but,, what should i do know is pray foe our relationship ,go on and tros kekal and na jge elok2 .* sume yg kt fb bile chat dgn aq msti ckp cm nieyh .. so tulis lah .. hoho ..act , mmg aq na trnges kt ctu gak time ue ,, but aq thn je , coz dye mmg ta suke cgt bile pompuan nges nih .. idk, aq jd ta tntu arh , try ta na egt lg ,, btw, want to tell u ,, i juz want to be the best foe you ..what i want is juz honest wif me ,  oke and accept owg ape adanye ..i know yg owg ni ta cntek , muke itam ( ta la itam cm negro tuh , yg tuh da konpem2 kne reject ), ta la pndai cgt and juz ordinary person , tp stiap org yg ade kelebihan msti ade kelemahan , right ? bgitu juga sbliknye ,-,kelemahan ade kelebihan- so , dun want to say a long2 story lg (bhse ape nih ?) make me hepy la .. na senyum2 blek cm dlu :) :) .. buley ta ..?? hee~

*cegu , saye mnta maaf , broken english lak ttbe mlm ni ..